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Frequently Asked Questions Vol. 1 (January 2017)

Who are the MANDATORY people that should be on every Notice of Meeting?

• Parent
• General Educator
• Special Educator
• Special Education Director/Designee 
Who do I need to do an Excusal for?

You need to complete an excusal for any required ROLE that did not attend the meeting and was invited. So, for example, say you invited three people with the role of Administrator but only one of them attended, you WOULD NOT write an excusal for the individuals who did not attend since the ROLE was filled. 
Remember you must have the parent sign consent on the excusal PRIOR to starting the meeting. If parent does not agree to excuse the individual you must reschedule. 
If a student is Transition age is there anything special about inviting outside agencies?

YES, you must get written consent (form found under Add Action) through using the form “Consent to Invite Agencies Related to Transition” PRIOR to inviting the individual to the meeting.

When do I use that Notice Regarding Reevaluation again?

-Prior to a Change of Placement
-Anytime outside of a 3 year Reevaluation that you want to do a new assessment. Examples include; FBA, formal assessment of a related service to add or remove it.
-You do NOT complete an Evaluation report and Eligibility determination you just embed the assessments into the Present Levels of the IEP.

Can I remove or change related services at an Annual Review?

Yes- you may need to use the Notice Regarding Reevaluation to evaluate the related service area to justify removing it but yes you can do that at an Annual Review. Always make sure you are very explicit in the present levels and needs about the rationale for the removal or change in related services.

When I complete an Eligibility Determination do I still have to consider a disability if the answers to the first series of questions indicate the student does not have a disability?

YES, this one we know is difficult to wrap your head around, but the reason for completing at least one Eligibility Checklist is it helps maintain a record of what the team was thinking when they started the process and what was discussed at the meeting. It can also help a future team determine why a DNQ occurred. Finally, the only way you get the Agree/Disagree signature sheet for SLD is by opening the SLD eligibility checklist. Even if you answered Yes to the student can benefit from GenEd alone, it is good to have the documentation that you did consider the category especially when it is a parent request for evaluation.

Can I choose any accommodation listed in the dropdown for district and state accommodations?

No- just because it is on a list doesn’t mean you should use it. The first step is looking to the Classroom Accommodations and asking, “which of these are available on the district/state assessment?” Remember, an accommodation has to be in place in the student’s’ classroom for it to be appropriate on a state assessment.

When do case managers need to look at both 3-5yo LRE and 6-21 LRE?
If a child will turn 6 throughout the course of the year that the IEP will be in place, then both the 3-5yo and the 6-21yo LRE need to be completed.

What needs to be looked at for a preschool LRE? Is preschool the special education setting?
Only one setting needs to be considered for preschool LRE. This is because the 10 hours offered in a preschool setting is the LRE and special education program. It is offered due to qualification and need on an IEP and is the minimum of what preschool students receive. Then services take place within those ten hours, but the ten hours are the LRE.

If a 3-5 year old child find takes place in April or May when does the IEP start?
It does not matter when a child find evaluation takes place, the IEP will always start the day after the meeting. Please do not delay the start date of an IEP due to the student not beginning school until August or September. Even if they are not beginning preschool until the fall, the IEP start date is always the day after the meeting.

When considering ASD what assessments/areas always need to be evaluated?
1. Social Emotional
2. Communication

Always refer to the eligibility checklist in your Best Practices binder to make sure all areas can be answered. Social Emotional along with Communication must be assessed if considering ASD. It is also common that some kind of sensory assessment is needed. 

Why doesn’t small group show up as an accommodation on the Enrich dropdown for State Assessments? 

Small group (under 15) is no longer considered an accommodation by CDE and does not have to be on the IEP. It is an “Administrative Consideration” because it does not affect the constructs of the assessment and allows the SAC flexibility with scheduling. Administrative Considerations are available to all students and do not have to be recorded on the student’s IEP.

Other Administrative Considerations include:
Time of Day
Separate Location
Specialized Equipment of Furniture
Frequent Breaks