Child Find

Child Find is the phrase used to refer to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) that defines the process of assessment and identification of children suspected of having a disability. It is the district’s responsibility to screen, evaluate and identify children ages 0 - 21 suspected of having learning or behavior difficulties.  

Early Intervention Services-Birth to 3 Years (Part C)

Parents who have concerns regarding their child’s development and reside in one of the Pikes Peak BOCES member districts may request an evaluation for their child by contacting The Resource Exchange (TRE) at 577-9190 or if residing in Fremont by contacting Starpoint at 719-275-1950. 

TRE or Starpoint will conduct an evaluation to determine eligibility. If the child is determined eligible, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed, which targets the child’s specific areas of concern through the use of home-based services. These services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy and/or early intervention services.

Transition Services (Part C to Part B)

Within 3 months/90 days of the child’s third birthday, a transition meeting is held which includes the family, community agency and the Pikes Peak BOCES. If Part C services are anticipated to continue until the child turns 3, an early childhood Part B (3 - 5years) evaluation is conducted prior to the child’s 3rd birthday. 

After the transition meeting, if needed, a Part B evaluation is scheduled through the PPBOCES Child Find Evaluation Team. This evaluation is play-based and assesses current developmental strengths and needs and the potential educational impact. If a child is found eligible for services, an Individual Education Program (IEP) is developed.  Services begin in the preschool setting as early as the child’s third birthday and are the responsibility of the district within which the family resides.

Services for Children ages 3 - 5 Years (Part B)

For children with developmental concerns who have not had early intervention under Part C, parents are encouraged to contact the Special Education Child Find Team. The district will conduct a screening to determine if further evaluation is necessary.

This evaluation will be conducted by the district based Child Find team and determine eligibility for specialized instruction within 1 of the 13 eligibility categories in the state of Colorado. If eligible, an IEP will be developed with parent input and the child will be eligible to receive specialized services within a public preschool setting.

Services for Students ages 5 - 21 Years (Part B)

For any student ages 5 - 21 that is suspected of having a disability, the district will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine eligibility for special education. Prior to a special education evaluation, the student may be supported through the school’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) formerly referred to as Response to Intervention (RTI). Each building utilizes this process to monitor a students learning and behavior needs through a leveled intervention system. The student may respond well to building interventions and continue within MTSS or may be suspected of having a disability and referred for an evaluation.

If a special education evaluation is warranted, parent permission will be obtained and the evaluation will be completed within 60 calendar days. The evaluation will be individual and based on identified needs but may include testing in cognition/processing, academic achievement, speech language, fine/gross motor, social/emotional and/or health. Parents who suspect their child is experiencing learning difficulties may initiate a special education referral by calling their school’s special education department.