Workman's Compensation

All employees are covered under the Workman’s Compensation Insurance Plan and will be entitled to all the prescribed benefits. If you are injured at work, call the HR Office immediately.


All employees must obtain treatment for work-related injuries from one of the following designated providers:

Concentra Medical Center (South)

2322 South Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
Phone: 719-390-1727

Centura Centers for Occupation Medicine - Pueblo

4112 Outlook Boulevard
Suite 37
Pueblo, CO 81008
Phone: 719-562-6367

Integrity Urgent Care

4323 Integrity Center Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Phone: 719-591-2558

Integrity Urgent Care (North)

13445 Voyager Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Phone: 719-219-0333

In the event of a non-emergency or after hour’s injury, contact one of the providers at the number listed.


In the unfortunate event of a life or limb threatening emergency, you will be sent to the nearest emergency medical facility. However, one of the medical providers designated above must provide all follow up care.

If an unauthorized medical provider treats an employee, the employee will be responsible for payment of said treatment.