Professional Development Opportunities

Differentiation and MTSS
February 8th 8AM to 12th 11:59PM, 2021 (Virtual through Schoolology)
Differentiation is taking place any time a teacher is responding to various learning styles and needs within their classroom. 
Reaching out to individuals, small groups and even whole group teaching can be considered different ways teachers try to reach all their students to improve learning outcomes
This training will provide teachers with a deeper understanding of Multi-Tiered System of Supports and how they relate to differentiation best practices.  It will also provide teachers with practical and easy to implement differentiation strategies to support the various learners they teach each and every day. 
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Cooperative Learning Strategies and Structures and how to apply them in the virtual and in person settings  
March 29th 8AM to April 2nd 11:59 PM (Virtual through Schoolology)
Cooperative learning helps students to process, problem solve and apply the material they’re learning.  Through conversations and interactions, learning comes alive and students begin to learn from one another in a supportive learning community.  When it comes to cooperative learning in a virtual format and/or socially distanced format, strategies need to be modified to best support the learning environment and to ensure conversations and learning is taking place.  Keeping students engaged and learning during this time is possible! This course will provide teachers with a foundational understanding of cooperative learning theory along with several strategies that can be used the next day with students. 
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    English Language Learner (ELL)

    Teacher Professional Development 2020-2021

       Self-Paced Virtual Trainings

    PLEASE NOTE: All ELL trainings are VIRTUAL and self-paced for the week specified through SCHOOLOLOGY.  After registering, participants will receive an email confirming registration, a reminder email the week before the training, and an email from the instructor the evening before the class opens with the course code and instructions for accessing Schoolology.


    Literacy Development for English Learners

    Virtual through Schoolology -- Course will be open online from January 25,2021 8:00 am to January 29, 2021 Midnight

    For asynchronous work 7.5 contact hours

    This session will present research-based practices, aligned to the expectations of the CCSS, that will support teachers with teaching reading and writing in content areas to ELs so that they become fluent readers and writers. Success in literacy equals academic success in school.

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    Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

    Virtual through Schoolology -- Course will be open online from February 22,2021 8:00am to February 26, 2021 Midnight

    For asynchronous work 7.5 contact hours

    This session will focus on creating a culturally responsive learning environment to support equitable academic access and opportunity for all populations, with a focus on CLD student populations. (The "E" in the SERVE acronym!)

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    Differentiating Instruction for English Learners

    Virtual through Schoolology -- Course will be open online from April 19, 2021 8:00am to April 23, 2021 Midnight

    For asynchronous work 7.5 contact hours

    The focus of this session is to further participants’ abilities to intentionally and systematically plan instruction to meet the critical language needs of English learners. Participants will strategically plan for interactions and the use of differentiated supports/scaffolds based on students’ levels of English language development/proficiency.

    Find more information about English Learner PD Requirements from CDE here.