Meet the Pikes Peak BOCES Gifted Program


The Pikes Peak Board of Cooperative Services was established in 1968 as an extension of the local public school districts in the Pikes Peak Region. At present there are 9 member districts and 9 associate member districts. The history of Pikes Peak Board of Cooperative Educational Services is to serve and support students within our member districts. This support is provided to students identified with unique educational programming needs beyond the services available in general education.

The Pikes Peak BOCES is the Administrative Unit for our 9 member districts. The Exceptional Children’s Education Act (ECEA) requires all administrative units (AU’s) in Colorado to identify and serve children between the ages of five and twenty-one, and age four in AU's with Early Access, whose aptitude or competence in abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment in one or more domains are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs.

Pikes Peak BOCES provides support in the screening and identification of gifted students. This enables students to access the provisions available within their districts of residence for appropriate instruction and enrichment in their areas of strength.  The PPBOCES also serves to support in the fulfillment of students post-secondary workforce goals.  As an AU the PPBOCES supports Early Access to kindergarten and first grade which will be further detailed later in this document.

The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is the blueprint developed collaboratively by parents, teachers, and students in the implementation of programming options for students identified in the gifted realm.  

If you have questions please contact:

Pattie Vail, Pikes Peak BOCES Gifted Coordinator, or at 719-313-8991. 

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